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Capitalism 3.0 -- the reviews are in

Well at least a couple of them.  I gave a talk with this name at LSE the other day, which was extremely well attended.  I am not happy with the title at all, which as I joked, makes me sound like a Tom Friedman wannabe.  But it does capture a couple of key ideas I was trying to get across: the malleable nature of capitalism, and the need to deploy some institutional imagination to figure out how to close the yawning gap that has opened up between the global reach of markets and the (mostly) national nature of their governance.

Two of the attendees have written long accounts and critiques of the talk, and they can be found here and here.  Interestingly, both are written from perspectives that differ sharply from mine: the first is a libertarian and the second a globalization enthusiast's.  But both give me enough credit to try to do justice to my ideas, for which I am grateful. 

Both reviews say that the LSE audience lapped my lecture up. Well, it would be nice to hear from the silent majority too...

UPDATE: The video and slides from the lecture are here.


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