Понедельник, 25 января 2021 г.
политика и финансы в новом окне Полная
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Tuesday links underperform

Justin Fox wants contingent stimulus legislation which kicks in if the unemployment rate passes 11%

Which did better over the past 15 years: Cash or Stocks?

Matt Taibbi: “When people respond by calling names and changing the subject, it means they don’t have any issue with the factual allegations in the article.”

Does the Pope read my blog?

Google answers the question: How will you get used to using Gmail without that familiar grey “BETA” text?

The legal reasoning why CDS are not insurance contracts

Jen Chung with a great roundup of the latest developments in the fiasco that is the WTC site

“Ten years ago, 55% of The Atlantic’s revenues derived from print advertising. Today, that figure is 29%.”

Another Citi management reshuffle?!

The annotated TARP application


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