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Consider both backs scratched

Jimmy Lee on Rupert Murdoch, after the successful acquisition of Dow Jones:

James B. Lee of JPMorgan Chase & Company, who has represented clients in some of the biggest deals in history, said of Mr. Murdoch, “nobody else I have ever banked could have pulled it off.”

Rupert Murdoch on Jimmy Lee:

News Corp.’s Murdoch says he consults regularly with Lee, and gives him a great deal of credit for helping him buy Dow Jones in 2007 — a deal many believed was impossible, because the Bancroft family that had owned the company for 105 years was thought to be totally opposed to the idea.

“He knew it was something I’d given a thought but he actually made the contacts and got things together,” Murdoch told TheStreet.com. “Without him it wouldn’t have happened or would have happened much later.”


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