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Gregg Easterbrook on the GM Bailout (by Russell Roberts)

Go here and scroll down to near the bottom. It's all good. But this part is the punchline, where he imagines Nancy Pelosi negotiating a car purchase. The picture is good, too:

DEALER: Yes sirree, I can let you have this cherry-red baby for $19,999.99! Plus undercoating and dealer prep.

PELOSI: I'll pay $50,000.

[+] EnlargeNancy Pelosi
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais"Children, this is where we give away your future."

DEALER: For a limited time only, I can throw in remote-controlled eight-way power cupholders, for another $999.99.

PELOSI: I'll buy them at $75,000.

DEALER: Do you want the extended warranty?

PELOSI: No. But I'll pay another $25,000 for it.

DEALER: Aren't you worried something will go wrong?

PELOSI: If it does, I'll just send the bill to the taxpayer.

DEALER: So you are willing to pay $150,000 for a $20,000 car? I'll have to go ask my manager! (Disappears into back, pretends to talk to manager, returns.) Lady, you drive a hard bargain. He says that for $31 billion, we will give you absolutely nothing at all.



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