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Taking Ezra Klein's Health Care Challenge,, by Arnold Kling

He writes that in order to cite the CBO criticism of the Democrats' health care reform proposals, one

must do some combination of the following:

a) Support, as the CBO says you should, the eradication of the tax exclusion that protects employer-based health-care insurance;

b) Support, as Lewin and Commonwealth say you should, a public insurance option that can bargain at Medicare's rates;

c) Support, as the Office of Management and Budget and every health-care wonk in town says you should, one of the various policies floating around to give MedPAC authority to continually reform and modernize Medicare;

d) Support some form of aggressive cost-sharing that would make people extremely angry because it will save money by reducing their access to health-care services;

e) Support comparative effectiveness review that can judge not only the effectiveness but also the cost-effectiveness of various treatments, and give the federal government authority to use that data when deciding reimbursement rates.

I pick (a), (d), and (e)*. What do I win?

Oops, there's some fine print. Ezra's rules apply to "Politicians." I'm not eligible.

*Bear in mind that with aggressive cost-sharing, the decisions about reimbursement rates will be driven more by consumers and less by government.


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