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Predictions about immigration and attractiveness

Sebastian Flyte, an unusual commentator, wrote:

A man's mate value is tied to status - if he emigrates he throws away whatever mate value he built up in his life. A girl's is tied to youth and beauty. These are carried with her luggage.

He has a point.  Female migrants should on average be prettier, ceteris paribus, than those who stay in the old country.  That means holding constant income, education, and some other variables.  Female immigrants should find it easier to marry into the receiving country's population than do male immigrants.  From a public choice point of view, the women in the country receiving the immigrants should be more suspicious of liberal immigration policies than should be the men in the receiving country.  It is up for grabs whether male immigrants should be handsomer or uglier than average, relative to their home country populations, again holding constant some relevant variables.


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