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Инициативу Рона Пола поддерживают

Alan Grayson (демократ в Палате Представителей) написал письмо коллегам, которое уже распространяется в Палате Представителей для того, чтобы обеспечить поддержку демократов инициативе Рона Пола (Ron Paul), одного из спонсоров «Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009» (требует проведение аудита ФРС с последующим отчётом перед Конгрессом).


Dear Colleague,

I write to ask you to co-sponsor HR 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which would give the Government Accountability Office the authority to audit the Federal Reserve and its member components, and require a report to Congress by the end of 2010. 



Still, neither the GAO nor the Federal Reserve Inspector General has audited the books of the Federal Reserve or its regional banks.  The Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a recent hearing with Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman.  In that hearing, Coleman could not tell me who had received over a trillion dollars in Fed lending, what kind of losses the bank had suffered on its $2 trillion portfolio, appeared unaware that the Fed engages in trillions of dollars in off-balance-sheet commitments, and was not investigating the role of the Fed in allowing the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Colemans responses were so remarkable that when the video of this exchange was put on Youtube, it was watched more than 350,000 times.

Furthermore, the Federal Reserve has refused multiple inquiries from both the House and the Senate to disclose who is receiving trillions of dollars from the central banking system.  The Federal Reserve has redacted the central terms of the no-bid contracts it has issued to Wall Street firms like Blackrock and PIMCO, without disclosure required of the Treasury, and is participating in new and exotic programs like the trillion-dollar TALF to leverage the Treasurys balance sheet.  With discussions of allocating even more power to the Federal Reserve as the systemic risk regulator of the credit markets, more oversight over the central banks operations is clearly necessary.

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