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Просто, на первый взгляд, бесполезные цифры из жизни других людей, но мне кажется,  всё-таки,  любопытные.


Несколько «старая» ( от 15 июля) новость о том, как президент или правительство Белоруссии (не знаю, кто там у них за это отвечает) оригинально торгуют нефтью, покупая венесуэльскую нефть по 656 долларов за тонну, заменяя российскую, которая покупалась по 394 тонну (Рейтер):

   «…Traders said Belarussia's Mozyr refinery will slash imports of Russian Urals crude by 55 percent in July as this is being replaced by Venezuelan oil.

 Separately, Belarussian statistical data showed the country's energy bill was soaring as it paid $656 per tonne in May for Venezuela's Santa Barbara crude, compared with an average price of only $394 for Russian oil between January and May.

 Despite the large premium attached, Belarus will increase its imports of Venezuelan crude in July via the Black Sea port in Odessa to 240,000 tonnes from 160,000 tonnes in June, a port source told Reuters.

 Industry sources said they thought politics rather than economics were at play in the change of supplies at the refinery.  

   "No one can really understand how this works (economically). So it would be logical to assume it is being done to annoy Moscow," one trader said.

   But traders also said that because buying the expensive Latin American substitute for Russian crude made little economic sense, Belarus could not afford a long run of increased imports.

 "Just like any unprofitable venture, I don't think this will last too long," another industry trading source said. 

А вот как ударно работал во втором квартале Национальный банк Швейцарии, нарастивший свои резервы долларов США с 26 млрд. до 45 млрд., а евро с 56 млрд. до 120 млрд.:

«ZURICH, July 21 (Reuters) - The Swiss National Bank's euro reserves more than doubled to a fresh record level in the second quarter, highlighting the massive amount the SNB spent on its interventions to fight a rise in the Swiss franc.

 The SNB's euro holdings soared to 120.5 billion euros from 56.4 billion in the first quarter, taking the euro's share in the SNB's currency reserves to 70.5 percent, the SNB's monthly report published on Wednesday showed.

 Dollar holdings rose to $45 billion from $26.1 billion, accounting now for 21.5 percent of reserve assets».

Ну, и -  «Пару слов о Сбербанке» (люблю я его)



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